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Last Wednesday 31st we (the d-futures and our colleagues and guests) gathered together to enjoy a truly thought-provoking afternoon at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. We were involved in two workshops conducted by the Museum of Random Memory (MoRM) and Diasporas Críticas that ended up in a situated discussion among all of us.

In the first part of the afternoon we were asked to donate our ‘spare memories’ in order to enhance the MoRM database with different type of stories. Some of us gave a recalling for free in order to be cared for ever. Others, instead, donated their memoires because they need to forget particular past stories. We were enrolled in performance of memory and oblivion that connected people, spaces and technology.

In the second workshop we were invited to embodied different decolonial and feminist manifestos and reflect on their transtemporal characteristics. We made an ‘exercise of radiofonization’. Each of us in the workshop could speak loudly, each voice was heard.

If in the first workshop we went from individual recalling to collective memory, during the second workshop we made the opposite path: from collective manifestos to individual voices.

Memory, recalling, oblivion, the social and the individual were displayed in different ways and combinations during the workshops sessions. At the end, apart from sharing our experience we were discussing methods and methodologies to grasp the ways this subtle combinations were produced.

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